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Conventional stamping technology

Stamping machine with tools for fixed texts and consecutive numbering. From simple hand-held devices through to customized applications.

Hand-held markers – impact stamping machines – pneumo – hydraulic stamping machines – roll marking machines.

Marking takes place using steel types or numbering heads in a single stroke on flat or cylindrical workpieces.

Materials: cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic etc.

Stylus and scribe marking

Stylus / scribe markers are ‘plotters’ for inscribing variable tests at speeds of up to 6 characters per second.

A marking stylus with a diamond or carbide tip is moved by a computerised co-ordinate unit to form characters. Font sizes spacings and positions are freely programmable. The inscription of angular and circular marks is standard.

A vertical stylus compensation mechanism allows marking on uneven or slightly inclined surfaces. The low forces transmitted make the system particularly suitable for delicate items and sensitive parts.


The machine is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control). Functions of individual head temperature and print time setting, products pitch and pre-set quality are controlled by touch screen 3.5’’ colour LCD monitor. Memory back up of machine settings is included as well as storage of ten sets of parameters for others jobs that may be produced on the machine.

Single or continuous cycle operation, individual head print pressure adjustment, exhaust air silencer, mechanical foil feed, waste foil rewind, indexing table driving by high speed servo motor up to 2000 cycle per hours, die plate leveling system.

The machine operated required 2 to 6 bar of air pressure and has a maximum impression area of 150mm x 100mm with built in leveling. Marking stroke is 20mm to 35mm.


It is an electronic thermal transfer printer able to print directly and automatically on the plastic or paper film used on packaging machines.

It is used to encode with text, barcodes and logos that can be easily changed, the various production lots with extreme flexibility and high print quality and speed.

The printing is made directly on the production line, enabling the product to be personalised as it is packaged, thus avoiding having to keep a large stock of pre-printed rolls.

The Electronic Unit has a 5.7″ graphic colour display with “touch screen”, to allow viewing of the text which is printing and makes setting the parameters easier and more intuitive.

The printer is available in 4 versions:


For bold, permanent and legible marks, depend on Marsh Stencil Machines and stenciling products. For product identification, shipping information, or other important messaging, these resources are always reliable – and always ready. Combine stencil machines with highperformance oilboard, inks, and applicators for proven solutions for all of your stenciling needs.

Product Range:

  • Hand-Operated Stencil Machine
  • Super Size Stencil Machine
  • Stencil Express
  • Oilboard
  • Rollers & Brushes
  • Inks


Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The laser printer adopted international advanced fiber laser printing device,with a higher cost perfomance.

The most advanced polarized lens system to ensure superior quality and high speed marking output.The entire laser system integrates a color touch screen controller,induction electric part, encoder and lift bracket. Sophisticated and compact designed, it can be easily installed in tight spaces. Mainly used high-speed multi-coding of electronic contents, motor, pipe & cable, metal…


CO2 Laser Printer

The laser printer uses the international original laser,advanced polarizer system to ensure superior quality and high speed marking output

The entire laser system integrates a touch screen interface,induction electric part and lift bracket.Sophisticated and compact designed. it can be easily installed in tight spaces with high stability, reliability, mainly used in chemical,food,beverage,pharmaceutical and other marking.



It is suitable for the standing filling packing machine for masking bags, Liquid packing machine ets., of which intermission making bags and sealing mouth packing machine’s typing.

The machine has the motor and the switch can be controlled by touch, it’s volume is small and easy to install which the typing word don’t fade.